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Basic Module

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Hitting Targets

Be a casual shooter or join tournaments! Totally up to you but none the less enjoy shooting!


Kaya K7 Kit
Kaya K7

Riser and Limbs Combo

KAYA K7 Carbon Riser is designed with feature fo vibration damping that is strong in any shootings and forms. This carbon material provides light weight as well as high strength. It has also suggested a long period of time.

MK Korea MKX 10 Kit
MK Korea

Riser and Limbs Combo

Another world archery opening with the new generation and innovation of the MKX 10 Riser. The fully CNC machined MKX 10 riser focuses on accuracy elevation, stability, more reactive and dynamic shot.

Tripple Kit Package
Complete Set

Ready to shoot!

Best for beginners. Complete set, riser, limbs to the arrows!

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Competition standard range.


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General Archery Related FAQ's

Archery in Olympics

In 1900 Olympic Games, the archers used live pigeons as their targets. When the archers focus to a target almost ninety meters away, size of target is just like size of thumbtack being held just at an arm’s length. There are different classifications for the Olympic sports like cycling, gymnastics and swimming but there is only one classification for this type of sport.

Design of Recurve Bows

In the modern Olympics, recurve bows might look hi-tech and chic and it is inspired by archery design that dated back to more than three thousand and five hundred years ago.

First Use of Bows or Arrows

In 2340BC, the Babylonians first used arrows as well as bows for warfare activities.

Meaning of Gandiva

Gandiva is the bow of Arjuna, the hero of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. The bow was created by Brahma, the Creator of universe.

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